built, owned, operated [and continually upgraded] by musicians, ToneZone is a fully equiped 'Project Studio' located 10 minutes from Portland, Maine. being muscians ourselves we are painfully aware that bands and artists have very limited budgets when it comes time to record a CD or a high quality demo, so our goal was to create a recording envirorment for artists and clients that was comfortable, professional and affordable.

what is a "project studio"?

the term "Project Studio" came about in the late 90's and describes the smaller [and sometimes home based] recording studios that people had been building based around the Alesis ADAT recorders.
with the advance of digital recording technology it became possible to set up high quality audio facilities for the fraction of the costs. usually small and without the lavish extras [or the high pressures] of big studios, Project Studios have become a much needed economical way for artists to record CD quality product at afforadable rates. nowadays, even major acts like Aerosmith have recorded releases in th
eir own home "Project Sudio".

not too big. not too small. no lounge. no pool table.
not too expensive.


years of experience recording artists and bands of all styles

we've done projects of just about every style over the last 17 or so years- rock, metal, punk, hip hop, christian, country, alternative, jingles, voiceover artists. from demos to full length CD projects.... you name it, we've done it.

we have a main room which is a large, warm sounding performance area with a 18' ceiling where the entire band can track live with room to spare. we also have alarge isolation booth and a 2nd isolation area for amplifiers etc.

besides experience & recording knowledge, we have a nice collection of high end outboard tube & solid state mic preamps, outboard gear and great microphones as well as synths, a large number of tube amplifiers and guitars if the session calls for it. everything needed to make a killer sounding recording. for a full list of what we're currently using click on the gear link.

recording at home????? do your drums here

we regularly do partial projects for clients who have home studios but not the room [or cooperative neighbors] to record drums. track your drums here in a large room with with a high ceiling and leave with a disc of the tracks on whatever format you need to continue tracking your project at home.

done recording at home? do your mix here

we also frequently mix projects recorded at clients home studios as well as the final mastering of finished projects.

drum tuning & guitar setup and problem troubleshooting

need help with your drum tuning before the session or the guitarist's guitar is cutting out? just another thing we can do if needed.

don't have a band?

if you're a singer/songwriter with no backing band, we can create, arrange and perform complete backup tracks for your songs or solo project, quick and easy at minimal cost. or, we also can hire and schedule studio musicians for sessions. we also offer a boat load of computer based sequencing software for MIDI projects, or we can fly in samples, synthesizers, fatten drum sounds and add samples to thicken up your non MIDI project.


from simple demos to elaborate CD projects with elaborate production, ToneZone is equiped to meet the needs of your music and your budget!


for more information or an appointment to drop by and see the studio, please call 207 883 7426 or send us some E mail!