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in a studio, there is no better recording tool than years of experience. we combine ours with some vintage and high end audio gear, as well as cutting edge digital equipment and software. really good microphones, quality microphone preamps and the like are what really make tracks come to life. below is the collection of gear we use to get you the best product possible.



Neve 1272's, Oramsonics MWS, Oram Panoramic, Joe Meek VC1 , TL Audio EQ1 tube EQ, Valley Audio 400, Bellari RP220 tube preamp, PreSonus MP20, Symetrix SX201 [2 pair], Symetrix 528 & 16 channels of UK built Soundcraft 200 series mic pres & EQ

Lexicon PCM90, vintage DBX 162 compressor, TL Audio tube compressor
Roland SRV3030 digital reverbs [pair], ART PRO VLA tube compressor
RNC compressor, TC Electronics Finalizer
ART Leveler compressor, DBX 1066 compressor, DBX 1046 compressor
Presonus ACP8 compressor, DBX 274, Alesis Wedge digital reverb, Lexicon Vortex
Roland DEP5 digital reverb, RSP Intelliverb digital reverb, RSP Saturator
Symetrix 525 compressor, Symetrix SE400 equalizer
Yamaha SPX90 digital reverb, Yamaha SPX90 ll digital reverb
Sony SDR1000 digital reverb, Symetrix SX202 EQ [2 pair] equalizers
Valley Audio quad gates, Valley Audio Gatex

Neumann TLM103, Audio Technica ATM4050, AKG C414, AKG D112's,
CAD E300, MXL Mogami Edition tube mic, CAD E200*, Oktava MK1202*, Oktava MK219, Stedman N90, Shure SM81*, Shure SM58's, Shure SM57's, Sennheiser 421's, Sennheiser 604's, CAD TSM 411's, CAD KBM 412, CAD ICM417's
*matched pairs

we have some great sounding amps and are happy to make them available to clients

vintage Fender Bassman head
Crate V series 15 watt Class A tube combo
Laney GH100 head
Carvin Steve Vai Legacy head
Carvin Belair 2 x 12 combo
Krank Chadwick 50 watt head
Mesa Single Rectifier
Marshall JCM800 with high gain modification
Marshall JCM900
Marshall JCM900 dual reverb
Marshall JCM800 with high gain modification
Marshall 50 watt JCM800 bone stock
Marshall Silver Jubilee head
1972 Marshall 50 watt head
Peavey Classic 50 410
Trace Elliot 50 watt Speed Twin
Peavey Classic 30
Peavey Penta head
Line6 POD modeling amp
Trace Elliot bass preamp
Ampeg B2 bass amp
Sans Amp Bass Driver

more tonal choices available to clients

Gretsch Double Jet, Fender Telecaster, Starfield American Classic, Carvin Bolt Strat, USA G&L ASAT Classic, Carvin SC90, Carvin Holdsworth, Carvin TL60, Washburn USA Strat built by Grover Jackson, Gibson 1960 Reissue Les Paul, Hamer Steve Stevens, Samick Blues Saraceno, Godin Artisan Strat, Dean V, Dean EVO w/P-90's, Ibanez RG550, Hamer Eclipse, Revelation built by Trev Wilkinson, Music Man EVH Van Halen model, Warmoth customs

Yamaha MM06, Roland S50 sampling keyboard, Alesis Quadrasynth, Korg 05R synth module, E-MU XL7 Extreme Lead synth , Roland R5 drum machine, Alesis D4 drum module
Roland D5, Alesis HR16 & SR16 drum machines


we love and use the 48 channel Mackie D8B mixing console with total recall automation & flying faders. we record to a hard disk based Digital Audio Workstation system currently running our favorite multi-track software of choice: SEK'D Samplitude. we use Apogee & Frontier Tango A/D converters. if needed, we also have PC based ProTools, 24 tracks of ADAT XT and the latest version of Nuendo.

we are 24 'track-at-once' recording capable with unlimited final tracks. we offer full digital editing and sound design capabilities with a wide assortment of Direct X plugins from Bomb Factory, Waves, Sonic Foundry, Ozone, and dozens more.

we monitor tracking and mixes on Mackie HR824 powered monitors and have Audio Technica, Sony, Fostex & AKG headphones for our clients.